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Water Features

Fountains & Water Features Services

If you want to transform your outdoor area in a truly mesmerizing way, then adding a water feature or two is the way to go. These features can make your garden or backyard memorable, plus add a soothing feel to the environment. However, the dreaminess and functionality of your outdoor water feature are only as effective as the quality of service you hire. This is where we come in.

At Paradise Kashmir landscaping, we have perfected the art of garden water features. Each project we take over receives our utmost attention from design to execution—and the breathtaking final results show our talented landscaping team‘s dedication. Water in motion on its own has a very calming and serene effect on a garden.

Water Features

Combine natural water beauty with our skill in garden fountain, ponds, pools, and other amazing water features—and you get the garden of your dreams. We may be the small guy in the business, but we’ve perfected the craft to the extent that we leave our clients in awe every time!


Why Choose Us For Garden Water Feature Installations?

No pool or garden water fountain is too complex for our skilled landscape planners, designers, and craftsmen—we guarantee exceptional results!

Here are the most popular water feature installations we specialize in:

Garden & Deck Pools

Summertime means crazy heat waves and the everyday need to cool down in a leisurely manner. Even an hour at the pool can make your day. Plus, pools make for great entertainment; you can throw unforgettable pool parties for adults and kids. Our team has undertaken various pool installation projects, delivering results that exceed expectations!

Fountain For Garden

A fountain is that perfect combination of nature and man-made marvel that every home deserves. And if you’re looking for the mystique of artfully moving water in your yard, Paradise Kashmir Landscaping is your one-stop service. Whatever design you have in mind, however you’re envisioned that perfect fountain—we’ll make it a reality!

Small & Large Ponds

You can’t say gorgeous water features and not think of ponds. The best part about ponds is that there’s a pond for every kind of garden! We can build a natural pond for you or a lined one. You can add water plants to it for a natural look or go for something contemporary like a koi pond. No matter what you need, Paradise Kashmir Landscaping is your reliable company to help you enhance your outdoor area.

No matter how small or large your outdoor space is, there’s always room for a stunning water features crafted by Paradise Kashmir Landscaping. Let’s talk—for affordable landscaping Dubai, get in touch with us to start a consultation!

Bespoke Designs

Our designers factor in your ideas, the existing natural surroundings, and other factors to create a one-of-a-kind look in your garden.

Perfect Planning

Whatever your landscaping needs are, we will meet them with an exceptional measure of quality from the very beginning. Your vision is our top priority.

Top-Notch Materials

We pride ourselves on adhering to quality in all pool, pond, and garden fountain Dubai services. We source materials from market-leading trusted suppliers.

Safety First

Building water features, particularly an expansive one, requires attention to detail in terms of safety and security. We take care while and after completing a project.

Commercial Experts

In addition to home pools and fountains, we’ve also finished various commercial water feature installations. We’re armed and ready with the tools and skills to tackle yours.

Reasonable Quotes

All our services are fairly priced. We focus on affordability, as we believe that everyone who wants a gorgeous water feature in their backyard should get one without breaking the bank.

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