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Best Landscaping Company in Dubai

A landscaping designer who can bring your dream to reality, all while keeping up with contemporary landscaping trends, may seem like a dream. But with us, a leading landscaping company in Dubai, we fulfill your vision of aesthetics.

About Us

Our Primary Services

We match the standards of the best landscaping companies in Dubai—and more. Our landscaping experts will give you a design that fits the modern trends that remains distinct, making your property the envy of the masses!

Landscaping in Dubai

It takes skill, creativity, and a look into the long-term effects of every cut and prune to come up with excellent garden landscaping Dubai. And we do just that convert your front and backyard into a picture of beauty, serenity, and joy.

Gardening Services in Dubai

Looking for water feature and swimming pools contractors in Dubai? Turn to Paradise Kashmir Landscaping to find experts who can plan and add quality and visually appealing fountains, sprinklers, pools, and other water features to your space.

water feature in Dubai

Some Of Our Services

 from landscape designs to landscape engineering, along with construction,contractors and even consultancy services? Here at Paradise Kashmir Landscaping, we
provide them all.

Armed with core knowledge of gardening, you can rely on our team to deliver not only garden designs, but gardening services that are guaranteed to wow and dazzle our clients.

Be it swimming pools, water fountains or even sprinklers, our team has what it takes to deliver works of good quality that is almost second to none.

Why Choose Paradise Kashmir Landscaping?

Our name is synonymous with quality and luxury with accessibility. At Paradise Kashmir Landscaping, we pride ourselves on affordable landscaping Dubai. We believe that access to a gorgeous garden with impeccable features should not cost the Earth. Whether we’re talking residential or commercial landscaping, we work on the basis of quality, meticulousness, visual appeal, and transparency. Starting out with a few landscaping enthusiasts and expanding into a highly professional team of innovators and designers, we are your ideal landscaping company in Dubai!

We focus on Uniqueness.

One-of-a-kind luxury landscaping design Dubai is our specialty. Though following trends in landscaping, we focus on a bespoke layout for each project and make sure it encapsulates your vision and persona.

You can rely on us

What you see in a design is what you get in reality. Our landscaping experts make sure to adhere to your requirements. We also make sure to stay honest, with no hidden costs at any step. Our dedication to delivery timelines is our shining trait.

We’re equipped to handle issues.

We know the ins and outs of the laws and guidelines involved with landscaping projects. Guidelines need to be followed when it comes to altering a property, and we make sure to adhere to these at the very beginning,

Each project receives the utmost attention.

Our technicians and designers strive for perfection. From water feature installation to garden maintenance Dubai, each detail of a landscaping project is finished meticulously and then inspected for quality assurance.

We are there for all maintenance and follow-up needs.

If you need any changes or to add any features to your ongoing project, our customer service and designers are readily available. Client care and consideration are our priority, for any kind of project, during any stage of implementation.

If you would like to know more about our landscaping and maintenance company in Dubai, feel free to reach out.

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Some of Our Work

water feature in Dubai
Landscaping in Dubai
Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions:
How long does a landscaping project take?2023-02-07T10:43:59+00:00

Every project is unique, with its own complexities and external factors that determine the length of the project. A typical landscaping project can be between a few weeks to a couple of months.

Why should I hire landscape contractors in Dubai?2023-02-07T10:43:52+00:00

The expertise, knowledge, and skill set of professional landscapers are unmatched. If you want your project to have the best possible form and function, a top landscaping company is a way to go.

Does your team come up with the design, or does the client provide it?2023-02-07T10:43:41+00:00

It depends on what you prefer. If you have an exact design for us to follow, we will. If you would like to coordinate with our designer and planner, that’s great too. And if you give us a basic concept, leaving the entire planning to us, we’re happy to comply.

How much is the cost of swimming pool construction Dubai?2023-02-07T10:43:31+00:00

It depends on a few factors, such as the length, width, and depth of the pool, as well as the materials (tiles and plumbing features used). Our services cost also vary based on the complexity of the project. You can call or email us to get a quote.

What do landscaping services include?2023-02-07T10:43:23+00:00

Everything that concerns the exterior of your residential or commercial property. From the garden to the backyard, we address every part of the outdoor you need to be changed. We work on brand-new properties as well as landscaping renovations.

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A beautifully landscaped space, a pleasing sight awaits you. Call or email us today to kick off a memorable landscaping project with Paradise Kashmir Landscaping!

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